Introduction of our GROUP

Our Team's research activities focus broadly on biomedical science and engineering, ranging from Flexible, Implantable, and Cyber-Physical Sensors, Micro/Nano/Bio Robotics and Sensing, Artificial Intelligence, Super-Resolution, to Single Cell Analysis.

We are recruiting PhD Students now to explore the frontiers cyber-physical skin sensors for healthcare and Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics.



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July 31, 2020

August 10, 2020


Dr. ZHANG Guanglie

Research Associate Professor

Dr. CHAN Hoyin

Research Associate Professor

Dr. JIA Boliang (James)

Postdoctoral Fellow


Ongoing Research Projects

These are our ongoing funded projects.


Published Work

Shown here are examples of research areas that we have published our work in the past 20years.

*For full publication list, please visit Prof. Wen J Li’s Google Scholar Profile and ResearchGate Profile.

  • BL Jia, P Li, FF Wang, HY Chan, GL Zhang, WJ Li, "Determination of Microsphere-lens Magnification using Micro-robotic Scanning Superlens Nanoscopy." IEEE Open Journal of Nanotechnology 1, 65-76 (2020)


  • YL Zhao, JQ Liang, YF Cui, XP Sha, WJ Li, "Adaptive 3D Position Estimation of Pedestrians by Wearing One Ankle Sensor." IEEE Sensors Journal PP(99), 1-1 (2020)

  • ZK Zhan, HY Zhang, XYu Niu, XD Yu, H Sun, XP Sha, YL Zhao, Y Wang, WJ Li, "Microliter Sample Insulin Detection Using a Screen-Printed Electrode Modified by Nickel Hydroxide." ACS Omega  (2020)

  • YM Liu, L Zhao, R Avila, C Yiu, T Wong, Y Chan, KM Yao, DF Li, YT Zhang, WJ Li, ZQ Xie, XG Yu, "Epidermal Electronics for Respiration Monitoring via Thermo-Sensitive Measuring." Materials Today Physics  13, 100199 (2020)

  • TY Zhang, P Li, HB Yu, FF Wang, XD Wang, T Yang, WG Yang, WJ Li, YC Wang, LQ Liu, "Fabrication of flexible microlens arrays for parallel super-resolution imaging." Applied Surface Science  504, 144375 (2020)

  • N Liu, YB Lin, Y Peng, LM Xin, T Yue, YY Liu, CH Ru, SR Xie, L Dong, HY Pu, HG Chen, WJ Li, Y Sun, "Automated Parallel Electrical Characterization of Cells Using Optically-Induced Dielectrophoresis." IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering  17(2), 1084-1092 (2020)

  • M Chen, YF Liu, HY Chan, JC Tam, XY Li, CS Chan, WJ Li, "Wireless AI-Powered IoT Sensors for Laboratory Mice Behavior Recognition." bioRxiv  (2020)

  • X. Sha, C. Lian, Z. Yuliang, J. Yu, S. Wang, and W. Li, “An Explicable Keystroke Recognition Algorithm for Customizable Ring-Type Keyboards.” IEEE Access  8(1), (2020)

  • WF Liang, LQ Liu, JH Wang, XL Yang, YC Wang, WJ Li, WG Yang, "A Review on Optoelectrokinetics-Based Manipulation and Fabrication of Micro/Nanomaterials." Micromachines 11(1),  78(2020)


Group Activity Photo Gallery

20180724_Yufan % Jun's farewell dinner@火
20180924_mid-autumn party_01
20200120_New year party_01

This gallery contains many nostalgic photos of WJL Research Group Team Members since the 1990's!

WJL Research Lab
Location: Y1513 & Y1441
Phone: +852 3442 2327

City University of Hong Kong
83 Tat Chee Ave, Kowloon Tong

Our Collaborators & Sponsors

Hong Kong Research Grant Council


​National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program)

(863 計劃)

​National Natural Science Foundation of China

Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission


Chinese Academy of Sciences


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